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Spell Book of Shadows

1993 was an interesting year for me. I was raised Roman Catholic. Quite devote Roman Catholic at that. I really loved my faith. I always felt it was important and I was the one that would get upset with other people in church when they didn't kneel at the right time, or stand at the right time.

However, as I got older I became more and more upset with my Catholic belief system. How could my god love me, yet hate me for being gay. In January 1993 I was tutoring a friend who considered himself Wiccan. He had a collection of stones on his desk and I attempted to touch one. He moved like lightening and blocked me from touching them. The next thing I knew he was reaching across the room, grabbed a book and threw it at me, "Read that book and don't touch my stones again!"

I went home that night and read the 193 page book cover to cover. I was shocked. My entire religious belief system was based off a series of lies. It couldn't be true, could it? Was the Roman Catholic religion really based on ancient Pagan beliefs? Did the Catholics really assimilate Pagan beliefs in order to force assimilation on the peasants 2000 to 1000 years ago?

That next day I went to the book store (yeah it was 1993... the internet wasn't really around yet) and I bought 11 more books on Wicca. I spent the next few days reading them all cover to cover. I was so confused.

Within 7 days from reading that first book my Roman Catholic faith was practically destroyed. The next time I went to Sunday mass I looked around the church and questioned the origins of everything there, and everything the priest was saying.

That was my last day as "Roman Catholic." Other than weddings, funerals and baptisms I have not set foot in a Catholic church since.

I've been a member of AOL since version 1.2... that was 1992. Back then AOL had built in communities that were not connected to the internet. Again, this was pre the World Wide Web. Many of the spells from this online Book of Shadows were downloaded from AOL on September 30, 1993. I'm posting here for posterity. I'll also posting my own spells and rituals from throughout the years.

Blessed Be,
October 5, 2009
Rev. Sagento A., DD